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Accu RC
« : 19 Июля 2014, 21:09:46 »
В Venlo, пробившись через очередь страждущих, мне удалось подлетнуть на этом симе. За то короткое полётное время, каких то ярких впечатлений у меня не сложилось. Вот отзыв от забугорников
Hi guys

I had the Venlo to get my hands on the new Accu RC sim at Venlo. Although it was another tx and a model with other adjustements than I normally fly, it felt quite good. So I bought a copy and since Monday I am playing around with it at home.

I guess that I found a setup which fits the feeling of my Raptor for about 95% and I have to admit that it flies quite good! The physics are way better than in the Phoenix. I cannot compare it to other simulators than the Phoenix because I never had another one.

Here are some details of my experience:

- You have plenty of setup possibilities: A virtual TX (Trims, subtrims, Mode, Tail gain, pitch curve, throttle curve etc), a virtual fbl system (gains, deadbands, expo, agility etc) and the heli hardware (change motor, esc, blades, pinion, battery etc) With this you can adjust every model like you want

- The graphics are good but not overwhelming. I run it on my iMac (mid 2011) with 12GB RAM via bootcamp on Win7 with all the settings in “High”. It runs without problems, crashes, glitches and looks good.

- The camera works good, I am just missing a mode like in the phoenix “keep ground in sight”. I reported it to AccuRC and they will be implementing it soon

- The simulation speed can be slowed down, unfortunately the slider has a bug and does not affect the speed  I reported this bug and they are fixing it right now

- At the moment you don’t have a lot of models to choose from, but I never try to fly the model I fly in reality. I always choose the model which flies best out of the box and then tune it for my needs. In my case this is the Synergy. The goblin was flying ok, the trex 700 e was flying horrible :/ But the synergy right now feeld wuite good

- Every heli comes in a beginner setup and reacts very calm. In the virtual fbl you can select between some pre-setups and when you choose “pro” it is quite suitable for soft 3d flyers like me.

- I am missing the possibility to save my personal tx setup. There are some pre-setups for different brands but I still had to do some work. Everytime I want to let timo fly we have to change tx (he flies mode 1) and then its always a lot of work to find the correct channel adjustements. I also reported this and maybe this will be a future feature

- The sound is okay, better than in any sims ive seen but still not perfect. I don’t mind because I never fly with sound but with music playing in the background

After all I have to say that the sim is worth its money! I don’t regret to have bought it. It flies pretty realistic and I discovered myself practicing longer at the sim than I normally do because its really fun.

The support is awesome. You write a ticket on the website and immediately you are in personal contact with the developers. Great!
Я до конца не улавливаю, понравился ему этот сим или не совсем, что то надоел мне RF 6. :D

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Re: Accu RC
« Ответ #1 : 12 Марта 2019, 06:27:17 »
Tareq пробует AccuRC 2

правый стик двигает чуть по иному, чем привычнее мне.